Mariachi Oy - Services from design to production

Whatever our specific role and the combination of services provided, we can help device manufacturers to maintain a more competitive product portfolio. Whether we are working with small hand-held devices or large table-top units, we offer services for the full product life-cycle.

Technologies and capabilities applied in product development include: project management, embedded analog and digital electronics design (8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit processors), EMC, both embedded and PC-software design (C / C++), layout and 3D-mechanics design, user interface (UI) design, wireless communication technologies, ARM, Zigbee, Bluetooth, USB and embedded Internet.


Mariachi has a solid knowledge of embedded systems as used in industry, information technology and medical technology. Based on this knowledge Mariachi offers its Kasvattamo program for start-ups and inventors, aimed at helping innovations to reach the market faster and with greater success.

For customers accepted onto the Kasvattamo program we can offer services such as product development, new product introduction, manufacturing and maintenance. We can also ease access to marketing channels and other networks, support needs for working space and provide financing through part-ownership.

Kasvattamo services are for entrepreneurs with product ideas in which we see considerable potential for success. We will determine whether the innovation in question can be transformed into a manufacturable product, as well as review earning models and the financing alternatives.
Kasvattamo is Finnish for ”hatchery”, and our aim is to raise new customers for whom we can manufacture products to service business-to-business markets.


On 27 May 2015 at the Creative Business Camp event held in Turku, Turku Region Development Centre, in cooperation with the organisers of the European Day of the Entrepreneur, presented Mariachi Oy with the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Turku Award in the Brave Move category in recognition of developing a brave new programme. The programme is entitled ‘Mariachi Kasvattamo’ and it is a registered trademark of Mariachi Oy.

In the Kasvattamo programme, a start-up or an inventor works together with Mariachi's experts in order to develop their idea into a profitable business, which Mariachi can also support as a co-owner. The programme's successful projects bring in work for Mariachi in both product development and manufacturing. The goal of the programme is to not only turn innovations into products, but to also uphold Finnish manufacturing industry expertise.

Niko Kyynäräinen, Director, Turku Region Development Centre:
"We would like to congratulate your company and its staff for your innovative and enterprising business and your social responsibility in the company's operation. We wish for nothing but the utmost success in your future endeavours."


Mariachi Oy – technology solutions based on experience and expertise

Mariachi Oy is a privately owned Finnish technology company specializing in development and contract manufacturing of advanced devices or instruments for professional use.

 Our customers are recognized suppliers of medical devices, industrial systems and information technology. We focus on European customers with product portfolios comprising devices that range from hand-held to table-top units.

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